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Producer of agricultural machinery

Agro-Factory 2

Agricultural machinery Agro-Factory 2

With tradition into modernity!

Our company, thanks to the consistent effort to produce products of the highest quality, has established itself one of the most recognizable Polish brands in the industry of agricultural machinery and spare parts. The highest level of production and attention to customer service, provide us with a distribution network throughout all over the country, which is constantly expanding. Our agricultural machinery and equipment are adapted to the European standards, and their quality has gained a loyal customer base also on the markets of EU countries.

AGRO-FACTORY 2 is a producer of agricultural machinery and equipment. We also offer snow plows and tractor concrete mixers. Our factories are located in Kutno (company headquarters) and in Łęczyca.


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We are a family business, which is why the idea of sustainable development is important, we want the next generations to benefit from the riches of the natural environment. Therefore, our machinery is also used in organic agriculture, allowing for more efficient utilization of agricultural production potential, to increase the harvest and the protection of available resources. First and foremost, we have in mind our common good, we think that this is the foundation to achieve a success.

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AGRO-FACTORY 2 focuses on the continuous development and modern technologies, keeping in mind the best traditions of Polish agriculture. We hope, that thanks to our machines, you will be able to lead your farm with satisfaction and profit. For this reason, the vision with which we are running AGRO-FACTORY 2 is based on people: well-qualified employees and cooperation with farmers and distributors.

We provide comprehensive services: consulting, warranty service, a full range of spare parts and own transport.

Zapraszamy wszystkich klientów, obecnych i przyszłych do naszej firmy jak również na nasze stoiska podczas imprez branżowych.