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At AGRO-FACTORY II, we create agricultural machines that combine tradition with modernity, ensuring efficiency, durability, and an ecological approach to farming. Our equipment guarantees quality and innovation to support your farm in achieving the best results.

Heavy pre-sowing aggregate SIZAR

A game-changer for farmers looking to improve the sowing process and increase yields

Cultivation rollers GROM

Equipment that perfectly compacts the field and crushes clods, providing the soil with an optimal structure for better seed contact and faster plant growth. GROM with Cambridge or Crosskill rings offers precision and efficiency tailored to your farm’s needs, translating into higher crop quality and labor savings.

Discover agricultural machines you can rely on!

In the photo, a GROM cultivation roller by Agro-Factory 2 is visible. These are agricultural machines typically used for crushing and smoothing the soil surface. This equipment appears solid and durable, designed to be attached to a tractor via a three-point hitch system. The dominant red color of the machine suggests its strong, durable construction, often seen in agricultural machinery to withstand tough field conditions. Yellow parts, likely movable or functional elements, contrast with the red, aiding in the identification of operational parts for safety and maintenance reasons. The machine is also equipped with pneumatic tires and a hydraulic hose system, indicating adjustable working depth and pressure settings that can be controlled from the tractor. The presence of a large cylindrical component with a funnel on top suggests it may be equipped with a seeder or spreader for fertilizers or pesticides, making it a multifunctional tool for various field preparation and planting stages.

Cultivation rollers GROM

Optimal soil structure for better seed contact and faster plant growth

Cultivation rollers TRIO

Effectively compact and level the topsoil layer, creating an ideal crumbly structure crucial for healthy plant growth

Heavy pre-sowing aggregate SIZAR

SIZAR adapts to your needs, providing comprehensive and efficient cultivation before sowing

Discs cultivators THOR AT

Thanks to the special arrangement of the THOR AT discs, it effectively incises the soil, perfectly mixing plant residues before sowing.

No-till subsoilers KARSTEN

Works in various soil conditions, ensuring even and precise soil flipping

Cultivation-sowing aggregates PAPUG

Ensure excellent conditions for emerging crops with minimal labor and time effort



Meadow rollers WOEZEL

Enhance water absorption and stimulate microbiome development, accelerating the decomposition of organic matter and promoting healthy growth

Subsoiling aggregates ARES

Spring protections guarantee trouble-free operation even in the toughest conditions

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Disc Harrows THOR AT, AT-R, AT-L, BT

AGRO-FACTORY 2 disc harrows destroy weeds, crush the soil, and create clods, which favors better seed germination. These powerful agricultural machines also increase soil permeability, positively affecting plant root development. Additionally, the work of the discs contributes to increasing the oxygen and water content in the soil, improving its structure.


with our municipal machines – reliable concrete mixers and snow plows from AGRO-FACTORY II, designed to meet any job, regardless of weather or terrain.


Created to maximize the productivity of your construction and agricultural work, MIXER concrete mixers provide a perfect concrete mix every time.


We produce high-quality snow plows that efficiently and safely clear roads, driveways, or parking lots. They are equipped with a solid hydraulic system that allows smooth and precise operation, even in heavy snowfall. The durable construction ensures they withstand the toughest winter weather conditions.


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Our specialty is producing advanced agricultural machinery, covering a wide range of equipment for comprehensive soil processing, including cultivation and meadow rollers, pre-sowing aggregates, disc and cultivation-sowing aggregates, field and stubble cultivators. We also offer agricultural machinery for subsoiling, such as subsoil aggregates, disc harrows, innovative plowing solutions, including no-till subsoilers, and greenery equipment and meadow care, including carousel rakes and weeders. Our products are designed to increase the efficiency of agricultural work, raising yields, and caring for the sustainable development of agriculture.


Thanks to our commitment to continuous development and improvement, we provide farmers with tools that not only meet their current needs but will also be a partner in the future development of their farms.


Discover the full potential of your farm with machines from AGRO-FACTORY II and join the ranks of satisfied customers who value quality, durability, and modern solutions.


In the photo, a red THOR disc harrow from Agro-Factory is shown. These agricultural machines, used in farming, are designed for intensive soil cultivation, especially for loosening and mixing it with plant residues. Characteristic of this type of equipment are the sharp discs arranged in a row, which cut and mix the soil, preparing it for the next stages of cultivation. The solid construction with visible mounts and connectors, coated in red paint, indicates the durability of the device. The machine is also equipped with support wheels, which allow for easy maneuvering and transport in the field and between fields. The design of the aggregate is modern and functional, suggesting that the manufacturer focuses on providing farmers with high-performance and reliable machines. The placement of the machine against a backdrop of green grass and trees, near residential buildings, may suggest that it is suitable equipment for both larger and smaller farms, whose owners value both the aesthetics and functionality of their equipment.
In the photo, we see the THOR AT disc harrow from Agro-Factory, which is a device for intensive soil cultivation These agricultural machines are equipped with a series of discs arranged in a configuration that allows for effective mixing of the soil with plant residues. The disc harrow is an essential tool in modern agriculture, especially in tasks related to field preparation for cultivation. The construction of the aggregate appears very solid, suggesting durability and resistance to harsh working conditions. The red color of the equipment is typical for agricultural machines, and the large, clearly visible discs indicate its purpose for deep soil cultivation. The aggregate is also equipped with large transport wheels, which allow for easy movement of the machine between fields without the need for additional transport equipment. The background of the photo, showing a green landscape and a row of trees, emphasizes the agricultural character of the machine presented.
In the photo, the THOR AT disc harrow from Agro-Factory 2 is presented. This agricultural device is used for intensive soil cultivation, especially for loosening and mixing it with post-harvest residues. The disc harrow is characterized by its equipped discs, which are arranged in a way that ensures precise soil turnover. The machine's construction is solid and durable, as can be inferred from its strong, red frame, which is typical for this type of equipment. The black discs, contrasting with the red, give the agricultural machine a professional appearance and are designed to effectively penetrate the soil, even in tougher field conditions. The aggregate is equipped with transport wheels, visible in the photo as large, black elements on both sides of the machine, facilitating its movement between fields. The presence of these wheels also indicates the possibility of easy and safe transport of the machine on roads.