Agricultural Rollers

Compacting and crushing machines for rollers

In the world of agriculture, where every detail matters, Agro-Factory 2 focuses on innovative solutions that genuinely translate into work efficiency.
Our agricultural rollers are more than just equipment – they are the key to the success of your farm.

Discover the range of agricultural rollers from Agro-Factory 2

Cultivation rollers GROM

They help in retaining moisture and reducing soil erosion.

  • Economical
  • Easy to operate
  • Versatile

Agricultural rollers GROMIX

GROMIX rollers can confidently be used for post-harvest cultivation to accelerate the decay process of straw residues and the germination of seeds.

Cultivation rollers TRIO

Three-piece suspended rollers available in working widths of 3m and 3.4m. They are used for compacting the top layer of soil directly after plowing, before sowing or after sowing, and for creating its crumbly structure.

Agricultural meadow-rollers UNIVERS

Suspended rollers are suitable for tractors with both front and rear three-point suspension systems.

Meadow rollers WOEZEL

The “WOEZEL” meadow roller is effective for the maintenance of meadows and pastures, but also for maintaining grass on football stadiums, golf courses, and in establishing lawns or their production

Discover our agricultural rollers

Part of a red agricultural roller from AGRO-FACTORY, with the company's logo visible on the side shield. The machine is equipped with dark, ringed rollers, which are connected to the main arm via black, metal connectors. Construction details such as screws, clamps, and fastening elements are clearly visible, emphasizing that the agricultural rollers of this brand are solid and durable farming machines.
The photo shows a detailed part of the agricultural mechanism of an agricultural roller, with dominant red and black colors. It displays a complex hydraulic system with black hoses and cylinders, metal clamps, and mounting screws, whose purpose is to control the movement of the roller. In the background, ring elements of the roller are visible, which are used for soil cultivation.
A close-up of the hydraulic component of a red agricultural roller, with a black hydraulic cylinder attached by silver straps. In the background, red elements of the frame as well as hydraulic and electrical lines are visible, along with a metal nameplate bearing the machine's serial number. The entire image presents a technical and structural detail of agricultural rollers.

1. Sturdy machine frame

The central part of the agricultural roller has been built on a strong and stable frame, ensuring durability and reliability even in difficult field conditions.

2. Durable discs

Precisely aligned in rows, the steel discs are wear-resistant and designed for effective soil loosening and mixing.

3. Optimal ergonomics

Ergonomically arranged control elements allow for easy operation of the machine and quick setting changes depending on the working conditions.

4. Advanced hydraulic system

Hydraulic lines and connections indicate the possibility of precise pressure adjustment, which is crucial for adjusting the disc pressure on the soil.

5. Large transport wheels

AGRO-FACTORY 2 agricultural rollers are equipped with large wheels, which enable easy movement of the machine both in the field and during transport between plots.

6. High mobility

The design of the discs and their mounting allow for effective terrain copying and work in variable conditions, while maintaining the mobility of the machine.

7. Folding mechanism

The agricultural rollers are equipped with a folding mechanism that allows them to be narrowed for easy transport and storage.

8. Anti-corrosion protection

The metal parts of the machine are covered with a special coating that protects against corrosion and extends the lifespan of the device.

The rolling process, which involves compacting previously loosened soil using appropriate tools, is a key element of soil cultivation techniques. Our agricultural rollers, equipped with both smooth and ringed rollers, will meet this task with incredible efficiency.

Why Agro-Factory 2 agricultural rollers?

Every product that leaves our factory is the result of years of research and experience. Agro-Factory 2 agricultural rollers are a combination of durability, efficiency, and innovation. Thanks to the use of advanced materials and technology, our rollers are not only durable but also ensure perfect soil preparation for sowing.

A modern, red agricultural roller from Agro-Factory with yellow and black additions, set against a white background. The machine is equipped with a yellow APV seeder mounted on top, a comprehensive hydraulic system with red and black hoses, and ring rollers, as well as yellow steps and handrail ensuring safe access. The entire unit presents itself as highly advanced farming equipment for precise soil cultivation.
Technology Comes First

At Agro-Factory 2, we always emphasize innovation. Our agricultural rollers are equipped with systems that allow for precise adjustment to various soil conditions. From light sandy soils to heavy clay – our rollers can handle every challenge.

Benefits for Your Farm

By choosing agricultural rollers from Agro-Factory 2, you gain not only equipment but also a partner in agriculture. Our rollers increase the efficiency of cultivation, improve soil structure, and contribute to better water retention. This means better yields and increased profitability for your farm.

Join the ranks of satisfied farmers who have chosen Agro-Factory 2 agricultural rollers. Find a dealer of our agricultural machines today and learn more about how our products can support your growth and success in agriculture.

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