Weeding harrows IZAK

The weeding harrow IZAK is designed for mechanical weed removal in the cultivation of crops, potatoes, corn, beets, rape and most vegetables. After fitting special scrapers to the last two rows, IZAK can be used for meadows and pasture care.

Weeding harrows IZAK can be used in all types of crops.

Choose the IZAK weeding harrow from Agro-Factory 2!


working width weeding harrows IZAK type PS kg
3 HYDRAULIC weeding harrow AF3 35-40 280
6 HYDRAULIC weeding harrow AFR4/6H 50-70 650
7,5 HYDRAULIC weeding harrow AFR4/7,5H 70-80 870
9 HYDRAULIC weeding harrow AFR4/9,0H 90-100 1150
12 HYDRAULIC weeding harrow AFR4/12H 110-120 1770
3 leveling board
6 leveling board
7,5 leveling board
9 leveling board
12 leveling board
LED lighting


  • drawbar
  • working width: 3, 6, 7, 5, 12 m
  • parking support
  • the mechanism for adjusting the angle of attack of tines
  • 5 rows of spring tines
  • support wheels with height adjustment for 3.0 m, suspended rigid frame version
  • 6, 7, 5 or 12 m hydraulic suspended frame version
  • diameter of spring tines: Φ 7 mm

Wyposażenie dodatkowe

  • scrapers mounted on the last two rows of spring tines
  • LED lighting
  • tines Φ 8 mm

The IZAK weeder significantly impacts loosening of the soil, improvement of nutrients availability, growth stimulation and activation of soil aeration.

The weeder unit is increasingly being used for the spring harrowing of winter crops.

IZAK works very well in organic farms, where you put a strong emphasis on the natural production process without chemical plant protection products and fertilizers.

Weeding harrows IZAK destroys the weeds in cultivation, improves the PH of the soil (by loosening), and the soil is quickly regenerated, so the process of vegetation is greatly improved. It also accelerates decompose of humus - the remains after harvest.

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