Subsoilers/chisel ploughs KARSTEN

The KARSTEN chisel plough is intended for cultivating and preparing the soil directly for sowing, regardless of whether it is stubble after growing cereals, maize or root crops. It is made of two rows of specially shaped tines. Beam adjustment by means of fixing bolts in three different positions of the working angle

Subsoilers/chisel ploughs KARSTEN provide the best soil preparation directly for sowing

Choose the KARSTEN subsoilers/chisel plow from Agro-Factory 2!


working width Subsoilers KARSTEN type PS kg
2,5 subsoiler 5- tine, bolt protection 2,5R5 140-200 2400
3 subsoiler 7- tine, bolt protection 3R7 140-250 2700
2,5 Subsoiler 5- tine, hydraulic protection 2,5R5H 140-200 2400
3 subsoiler 7- tine, hydraulic protection 3R7H 140-250 2700
chisel reinforced with surfacing
LED lighting


  • tines with replaceable working elements
  • adjustable floating screens
  • smooth adjustment of the shaft working depth
  • 2 rows of coulter with 89 cm spacing
  • gap under the frame 91cm
  • set of barbed shafts

Wyposażenie dodatkowe

  • chisel reinforced with surfacing
  • LED lighting

KARSTEN subsoilers/chisel ploughs:

  • Tills and prepares the soil directly for planting (stubble after the cultivation of cereals, maize or root crops).
  • two rows of specially shaped discs
  • two types of plough beam protection: hydraulic and bolt
  • hydraulic protection ensures continuous and uninterrupted work by bypassing obstacles and returning the chisel to the working position
  • in the screw protection, the chisel is twisted into a bolt, after breaking the bolt, replace it, stopping the machine



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